Why Sri Lanka

Destinations are selected by travellers and tourism for many reasons. Holidaying, adventure, knowledge, trade, health etc., are a few of them. In this respect Sri Lanka (Ceylon) comes with the radar for all nationalities throughout the year. One of the salient factors is its weather pattern that doesn’t vary considerably throughout the year. There lush green, golden sands, hills and valleys, water and sun and the variety allures many a traveller. Besides, all these can be enjoyed in a matter of a few days, as the small Island is so compact, convenient and travel friendly.

Tourism has been proactive in Sri Lanka for many decades. Hotels and tour operators are always busy therefore being ready and alert to cater to any category of tourists, working side by side with Airlines in every country. Rates and itineraries are kept abreast with changing trends. And the standards of accommodation and transport too ever improve as per the global expectation. This is one aspect what makes Sri Lanka an easy and convenient choice for a destination.

Sri Lanka as an Island is situated just below India in the Indian Ocean and thus a converging point for all directions. Be it tourism, trade, confabs, sport events, religious festivals, exhibitions and fashion shows etc. this is a cross-point as it were, even for a transit across between East and West or North and South. This strategic location is well used as an advantage by tour operators networking globally to cater to all travellers.

Within the country, although with one International Airport for arrival and departure, transportation from point to point is well structured compassing all climes. The roads and vehicle facility has been consistently developed to provide maximum comfort and timely visits. Tour arrangers work round the clock to ensure, one’s itinerary is on order without any goose bumps! Hotel accommodations too are prearranged especially with the on-line availability even before a tourist embarks the flight from the port of origin. Meals are a serious concern for any visitor. And so, hotels are sincerely concerned about the menu befitting all tongues, culture and even health, unless otherwise the visitor dares to venture into the local cuisine.

The land is enriched by many blessings of nature such as the olden beaches, lush green hillsides, agricultural landscapes, rivers and lakes, beaches, caves and jungles plus historical iconic sites and the list goes on. The history itself is studded with important events and personalities which imposes even the modern era for their values. A visitor with a lean towards the by gone eminent individuals, groups and the contexts thereby could get a belly full of reminiscent facts that are not to be found in many a museum or library around the world. A video Camera or even and still camera along with recording diaries are invaluable for this purpose.

At the beaches, the sea and sand have much amusement to provide for individuals, groups and families. They are located right around the Island and one can never miss these enchanting spots. To further supplement the thrill, there are water sports such as scuba diving and surfing to name a few. During certain months in certain areas, Dolphins and Whales can be sighted in close proximity, which is a rarity in many countries.  Further inland, bird watching of exotic and endemic kinds, wild life, rare flora and fauna species add memorable adventure to the visitors. All these are well tailor-made or customized as per the request.  As said earlier, seasons and climes blend to facilitate such variety of activities within a few days’ travel.

People of Sri Lanka are always accommodative of foreign culture and so are hospitable. Adaptability is a core virtue. This makes any tourist to feel at home and not an alien. English being generally the key working language, the tourist have less inconvenience to communicate. The chauffeurs are quite proficient in major languages so as to guide the travellers and explain when visiting important places.  World politics never easily dictate the minds of Lankans and therefore there’s no need of fear of bias feeling of any sort, making travel and accommodation worry-free. For these reasons and much more Sri Lanka is a preferred destination for any and many.

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