Accessible holiday in Sri Lanka

Accessible Tours in Sri Lanka
Travellers with wheelchair at Sigiriya View point.
Group of Travellers with Wheelchair at Dambulla Golden temple

Why should you plan your accessible holiday in Sri Lanka now?

Accessible Holiday in Sri Lanka: Are you someone who always wanted to explore the crystal-clear beaches with golden sand stretches, sceneries of mountainous landscapes covered with tea plantations with cascading waterfalls, vibrant culture with color and character? Yet always postponed your dream trip to Sri Lanka due to the physical limitations or special needs you have.

Then, you’ll find the perfect motivation to plan your accessible holiday in Sri Lanka one you finish reading this post as we share why this is the best time for travelers with special needs should visit Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an island with the vastly growing tourism industry that thrives with the focus of increasing the accessibility for all types of tourists. In the recent years authorities and well as market leaders have paid attention to improving the accessible tourism in Sri Lanka.

Today, the accessible tourism in Sri Lanka has grown to a level that enables any traveler with mobility issues or with other physical limitations or special needs can travel around the island with comfort.

Below are few of the reasons we recommend travellers with mobility limitations should travel Sri Lanka now.

Attractions and activities

In Sri Lanka, now it’s easy to find interesting attractions and activities that are disable friendly to enjoy. With wheelchair ramps, barrier-free passages, smooth pavements, and flat terrains, you will find many popular attractions in Sri Lanka has now developed to be disable friendly.

Some of the disable friendly attractions in Sri Lanka are;

  • Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
  • National Museum in Colombo
  • Minneriya National Park Safari
  • Beaches
  • Village Tour in Sigiriya
  • Tea Plantations
  • Yala National Park Safar
  • Temple of Tooth Kandy
  • Royal Botanical Garden Peradeniya
  • Waterfall’s viewpoints. 

Apart from that, you will find many of the popular festivals and shopping complexes with easy wheelchair access.

Pro Tip – Make sure the to consider your own situation very thoughtfully in choosing which attractions to visit, as Levels of personal mobility vary tremendously from person to person.

Kalametiya Lagoon Boat Ride - with wheelchair
Accessible Tours in Sri Lanka
Tourist with Wheelchair at Pinnawala Elephant orphanage
Accessible hotels

The biggest question when people with mobility problems face the inability is to find accommodation options that fit their requirements. Fortunately, in Sri Lanka, it’s not a problem anymore as you can find many accommodation options in any range around the island with disable friendly features. Contact us for get to know more about Sri Lanka mobility friendly accommodations! 

Getting Around

Getting around is the next important thing that should be disable friendly in order for a person with mobility issues to travel Sri Lanka comfortably. Luckily in Sri Lanka, you can find few disable friendly options that enable travelers with disabilities with any budget can travel Sri Lanka comfortably.

Public transportation

The main public transportation methods of Sri Lanka are busses and trains. Though busses in Sri Lanka is hardly disable friendly, trains in Sri Lanka are more wheelchair accessible. The only problem you will face there is the high steps in some carriages. But you always find someone who is willing to help you. A train ride is a perfect way to travel to the hill country.

Car Rental

Although car rental services for disabled people in Sri Lanka is not that common, you will find a handful of car rental services with a driver in Sri Lanka. One good example of disabling friendly car rental services in Sri Lanka is Elephant Tours

Accessible Tours in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is still a country that has to undergo so many improvements in terms of making the tourism of the country accessible for tourists with mobility issues. Because there are only a few attractions and facilities and accommodations in Sri Lanka that are accessible for people with physical limitations. But the good news is you don’t have to wait till things become perfectly friendly for disabled people as now we offer you special tours for travellers with mobility issues.

With our tours, you can explore almost all the famous attractions that are accessible and not accessible for disabled visitors. Some of the popular attractions we can take you to are Pinnawala elephant orphanage, Dambulla cave temples, Sigiriya lion rock fortress museum, the temple of the tooth, Nuwara Eliya, numerous beaches and more…

Our disable friendly tour has designed specially keeping the travellers with special needs in mind. Which is why we arrange the best accommodations to fit your special needs, we provide you with a wheelchair accessible bus with great comfort. That’s not it, we give you a personal assistant to yourself throughout the tour.

Don’t let your mobility limitations stop you from living your life. Plan your dream trip to Sri Lanka now as the tourism in Sri Lanka is accessible for passionate travellers with mobility issues.

If you are looking for more assistance in planning a disable friendly tour in Sri Lanka, we are happy to help you. Contact us here. Accessible tourism in Sri Lanka, Travel with wheelchair Holiday (elephanttravels.com)

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